A little while back, I met a very lovely and inspirational lady named Lisa Goldberg. Lisa is part of the Monday Morning Cooking Club.

By gathering up the best recipes from the best cooks in the extremely diverse Jewish community, Lisa and her talented team got together every Monday morning and cooked, tested, refined and eventually published a cookbook that I have already begun to treasure. I have had the book for a while, flicking through it, not knowing what to cook first, there is just so much from it that I want to cook.

Many of the coveted recipes are generations old that might have been lost or forgotten. This is not just a cookbook it’s a book of memories and history, which has become a permanent record to be cherished and loved by generations of cooks to come.

I’m fortunate to have many Jewish friends and almost all of them love food and obsess over it as much as I do. I have always admired their incredible sense of family, and the importance they place on “nurturing, feeding and nourishing those whom they love,” is very close to my heart.