I recently interviewed Melbourne chef and TV personality  – Adrian Richardson. Adrian believes in sharing his passion for  food and is warmly recognised by locals in Carlton at his restaurant and Melbourne dining institution ‘La Luna’, which has been in operation for over 15 years.

Adrian is also an ambassador for Magimix and Bamix and offers many expert tips on creating restaurant style dishes at home as well as recipes using these products, visit Magimix Australia for more information.

On the weekend, I whipped up one of Adrian’s recipes – hearty braised Texan Beef Ribs, the sauce was quick and easy to whip up on the Magimix too.

Do you get time to cook much at home? If so, what types of dishes do you cook for family and friends?

I like simple things, homemade pasta, marinades, BBQ meats, anything that is simple & tasty works for my family & friends.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from everywhere, the season, markets, old family stories, magazines, books, the internet, but sometimes it’s as simple as looking in the fridge & making something up.


What would be your best advice to time poor people that want to cook good food from scratch?

Keep it simple, healthy, a few good ingredients can work so much better than complex dishes. Cooking is about enjoyment & pleasure.


In your opinion what’s the most overlooked and underrated cut of meat? And what do you use it for?

Secondary cuts like the shoulder, shanks brisket are cheap & easy to cook, they just need time & a little love – but the end result …. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


What do you use your Bamix and Magimix and  for?

Pureeing soups is the first easiest, but they can do so much more, I make dough’s, pastry, cakes, milkshakes, dips, the list goes on & on.