I kicked off  the MFWF with a demonstration from Nick Bennet of Trocodero in Melbourne Central’s Little Library.

The Little Library was launched in July 2012 as an interactive platform for visitors of the centre to come together and swap and share their pre-loved books. Such a cool idea.

In keeping with the Little Library theme, Nick was there to cook up a recipe from his most cherished cookbook. Which happened to be none other than –  David Chang’s Momofuko. He prepared a cherry tomato salad with soft tofu and shiso, an Asian twist on a Caprese salad. It was really fresh, light and easy, a recipe I will be definitely adding to my repertoire.

During the MFWF, Melbourne Central will reward shoppers who donate a pre-loved cookbook to the Little Library from Friday 1st March to Sunday 17th March with a complimentary coffee from social enterprise STREAT. In turn for every coffee gifted, Melbourne Central will donate a coffee to those affected by homelessness through STREAT and social service agencies across the city.