Melbourne’s very own matriarch of Italian cuisine, Olimpia Bortolotto of Cecconi’s Flinders Lane has worked in the food business since the early 70’s, creating a succession of modern Italian restaurants.

Her recently published cookbook  – La Tavola Della Famiglia is brimming with heartwarming stories of family and mouthwatering recipes demonstrating that food doesn’t have to be complicated to be special.

Cecconi’s Flinders Lane has recently undertaken a stylish renovation but the sentiments of the food remain very close to my own heart.  Cecconi’s pride themselves in using only the freshest ingredients available, sourced from local producers, organic wherever possible, including their own home grown vegetables from the family farm in Victoria’s Lorne. Not to mention, the impressive accolades the family and the restaurant have received for its commitment to sustainability and the environment.

This stunning book is well worth a look , especially, if you think you’ve already got the perfect bolognese recipe. Think again.

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